AAR - Skill Builder, Concealed Carry

by Harold Lanier (Harold@CreedmoorTrainingAcademy.com)

At our last Skill Builder we focused on our daily carry.  We used the gun/ammo that we normally have on us and the typical attire (t-shirt or open-front shirt, vest, etc.).  We all learned a bit about our set-up as we went thru our drills and scenarios (gas station, restaurant, sidewalk, etc.).

Here is what one of our students had to say:
"I really enjoyed running my “carry gear” today, mainly my G26. I have never put my carry gear through the drills that we did today and I learned a lot as I always do. It was great to dust off the carry gear and put it through the paces. I thought it was awesome wrestling with my concealment and getting some experience with that. While I carry regularly I almost always practice with different gear than I carry. I usually train with my G17 with a Trijicon SRO and OWB holster and no concealment. It is quite different training with my G26 with an RMR, IWB holster and concealment. The "cold start" drill with your carry gear and typical concealment clothing is a very accurate example of how you will perform while you are out and about should you get involved in an incident. It was illuminating, humbling and eye opening to say the least. I really enjoyed today and learned a lot."  - Ken Davis

Come train with us.  You never know what we will work on next!

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Stay vigilant and stay safe.
See you at the range,