Advanced Handgun/Carbine w/Navy SEAL

Duration:     2 days                                                                          Cost: $575

NOTE:  Space is limited to 14 students
Let's take your skills to a whole new level. We will be hosting a 2-day intensive Pistol and Carbine class designed to take your skills up several notches! Our guest instructor will be a 24 year Veteran of the U.S. Navy SEALs (see BIO at bottom of page). He will be bringing his years of training to challenge us with drills, exercises and shooting stages designed to push our limits, improve our marksmanship and build our weapons handling skills.

To enroll in the class, you must pass a qualifier for Pistol and Carbine. Most of you guys who train with us regularly should have no problem.   Competition shooters (IDPA, USPSA, etc.) should have no problem (you must be proficient with AR or PCC also), but you must demonstrate your level of proficiency if you haven't shot with us before. Creedmoor Training Academy will run Skill Builder sessions to help you sharpen your skills. We will help you in areas you need to get you ready!

 Gear Required:


  • Ammunition: 300-350 rounds
  • Semi-auto pistol suitable for performance shooting. Must be reliable. No revolvers. No AR15 or AK47 pistols as your sidearm.
  • 3-5 magazines
  • Mag pouch (could use pistol pouches on chest rig if worn)
  • Holster: Strong side waist OWB or Thigh. NO Cross-draw, IWB, or Serpa. No collapsible (Uncle Mike’s) holster.
  • Suitable (stiff) gun belt


  • Ammunition: 300 rounds ball FMJ or Frangible.  NO Steel core or AP or tracer)
  • AR Pattern rifle suitable for performance shooting.  Must be reliable
  • 3-5 magazines
  • Battle belt, chest rig or competition rig with 2 rifle and 2 pistol mag pouches
  • Sling is REQUIRED
  • 50-100 yard zero BEFORE attending class


  • Eye and Ear protection (Electronic ears preferred)
  • Cleaning kit & lubrication
  • Knee/ elbow pads (optional)
  • Water
  • Proper clothing for weather
  • Proper footwear (no sandals or open toed shoes)
  • Baseball style cap. Boonie style hat is OK if your ear-pro is compatible.
  • Snacks
  • Sack lunch (unless otherwise indicated by email announcement)
  • Sunscreen (if desired)
  • Bug repellent (if desired)


Any student who exhibits unsafe behavior or fails to adhere to the Creedmoor range and safety regulations will be warned. At the 2nd violation, the student will be removed from class.

 If the instructor deems that the student to be not ready for a certain course of fire, he/she will be asked to make their weapons safe and observe that course of fire. The instructor will allow them to resume live fire as appropriate.

** Students removed from class will NOT receive a tuition refund.
** Students must not be prohibited from owning/operating a handgun (i.e. convicted felon, etc.)

 Refunds:              50% refund up until 2 weeks prior to course date. No refunds within 2 weeks of course date.
Check schedule here

CWO4 SEAL ret. Richard W. Lumpkin 

Billy Lumpkin retired after 24 years of service in the Navy SEAL Teams serving from 1988 to 2012. During his career he served at SEAL Team EIGHT (ST8), Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Development Group (DEVGRU) and NSW Groups TWO and THREE (NSWG-2 & 3) Training Detachments (TRADET) as an Operator and Training Officer. While assigned at ST8 and DEVGRU’s Assault Squadron as an Assaulter and Sniper Troop Leader he did multiple worldwide combat deployments. After receiving his Commission, he was assigned to NSWG-2 TRADET as the Assault Officer In Charge (OIC) where he trained over 50 SEAL Task Units from SEAL Teams, TWO, FOUR, EIGHT and TEN in Close Quarter Combat, Urban Warfare and Combat Shooting Techniques, preparing them for their Combat Deployments. He then returned to DEVGRU as the Selection and Training Green Team OIC for several years finishing his career at NSWG-3 as the TRADET OIC.

Currently he works as a Close Combat and shooting Instructor for SEAL Teams ONE, THREE, FIVE and SEVEN through CACI, shooting instructor at Rogers Shooting School and adjunct lead instructor at Mid South Institute of Combat Shooting. In addition to training the West Coast SEAL Teams, he is still active in the Special Operations Community training our Nation’s current Military Special Operations Forces and our local and Federal Law Enforcement communities SWAT and Special Response Teams.