Next Steps Series (ammo available)

Duration:     2 hrs                                                                         Cost: $40

Introduction:   Next Steps (Pistol or Carbine) is designed to take you from Basic to your next level.  This training will get you ready for our typical Skill Builder series and our Defensive Handgun 1 and Defensive Carbine 1 classes and is a natural progression of your skills.  

It will consist of a focus on Safety, the Fundamentals, and introducing some drills and presentation from the holster (or low-ready if you don't have a holster yet).

This will be a "low speed", no pressure, training session and will focus on improving your gun handling and marksmanship skills to get you comfortable using your handgun/carbine in a defensive situation.

Basic Handgun/Carbine is not a prerequisite if you already have some experience with a handgun/carbine and know how to handle a gun safely.

This will be a COLD RANGE. When showing up, please keep your UNLOADED handgun in your bag/case/holster. I will instruct you when/how to get your gear setup and ready.


Safety Brief - Basic safety rules and range etiquette

  • Loading / unloading
  • Handgun grip / stance / alignment / sight picture
  • Skill Drills

 Gear Required: 

Each student must supply their own handgun/carbine, ammunition and equipment (belt, holster, mag pouch, etc.).
Ammunition:  estimated 50 rounds

Ammo available: 50 rounds 9mm per student for $25  (pistol class only)
         50 rounds .223 per student for $25  (carbine class only)


  • Eye and ear protection.  If you don't have your own, we have a couple of spares.
  • Water
  • Proper clothing for weather
  • Proper footwear (no sandals or open toed shoes)
  • Baseball style cap recommended. Boonie style hat is OK if your ear-pro is compatible.
  • Sunscreen (if desired)
  • Bug repellent (if desired)


Any student who exhibits unsafe behavior or fails to adhere to the Creedmoor range and safety regulations will be warned. At the 2nd violation, the student will be removed from class.

 ** Students removed from class will NOT receive a tuition refund.

** Students must not be prohibited from owning/operating a handgun (i.e. convicted felon, etc.)

 Refunds:              50% refund up until 2 weeks prior to course date. No refunds within 2 weeks of course date.
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