Skill Builders

3 Hour training sessions.  There is a limited amount of time we can spend during the 8 hour classes on any given topic.   The Skill Builders are designed to focus and spend a bit more time on a particular firearm skill. We will vary the topic and the weapon platform. 
Since pistol/carbine skills are perishable, we designed these to be monthly training sessions to help keep our skills sharp.  We start and end each session with standard timed drills so we can evaluate our progress from month to month.  We maintain a "Range Journal" where you have your own personal pages to keep up with your progress on timed drills.  This total "system" will help you increase your speed, accuracy, and skill set (not to mention its just plain fun)! 

Skills Development (ammo available)

Duration: 3 hrs                Cost: $50
Our skill development topics will vary from session to session.  It will be driven in part from student requests. 
Some sessions will focus on the use of the pistol, other the carbine/rifle.  Our schedule will indicate which (or both).

Ammo available: 50 rounds 9mm per student for $25 (only for Pistol Skill Builder)
         50 rounds .223 per student for $25  (only for Carbine Skill Builder)

Some training topics may include (but not limited to):
  • Movement (moving and shooting while moving)
    • Forward
    • Backward
    • Lateral
  • Fighting while wounded (one handed manipulations)
    • Strong hand
    • Support hand
  • Malfunctions
  • Threat engagements
  • Multiple targets
    • Transitions
    • Varied distance
    • Varied size
  • Shooting positions
    • Standing
    • Kneeling
    • Prone (forward and rollover)
    • Supine
  • Proper use of barricades
  • Field Trauma Care
    • Care under fire
    • Severe / massive bleeding
  • Vehicle
    • Take-down
    • Threat Response
    • Shooting thru windshield (in / out)
  • Team Tactics
  • CQB / room clearing
  • Decision - Shoot / no shoot / tactical sequence
  • Tactical shoot scenarios
  • Steel Challenge
  • IDPA / USPSA stages
  • Test Day
    • Air Marshall
    • FBI
    • GA POST
    • Semper Fi
  • More...
** Students must not be prohibited from owning/operating a handgun (i.e. convicted felon, etc.)
Check here for the Schedule and what's on tap