After Action Report (AAR) Defensive Handgun 1

by Harold Lanier (

We had a great day training this past Saturday on Defensive Handgun 1.  8 students took the time to sharpen their skills and learn new stuff. The weather cooperated, no rain! The range was in great shape. The wind was a bit chilly at times, but we had an awesome day (and a burn barrel)!

Great feedback from several students: many liked the barricade work, fundamentals
refresher, malfunctions, one-handed manipulations, and, of course, everyone liked the steel!

I had a few folks ask for some additional info on a few things:
-   The Zev trigger kit in my Glock17 (Dead Center Range in Buford has them in stock). I currently ave a stock trigger on my carry G19, but I am going to replace it with the Zev. I'll probably increase the trigger pull on the carry gun (its adjustable) .  
    Zev has an "ultimate Kit" which is a little pricey, but includes a new striker, springs and plunger.If purchased separately, these components would cost a lot more than the $255 kit price.     You
can also get just the trigger and trigger bar which is much cheaper.


- My holster: Safariland GLS 578 (Dead Center Range) (I used a Dremel to lower the front to speed up draw times)


    Holsters are fastened to the Safariland QLS system so I can quickly change them out for different guns or put them on different gear.


- Mag Holsters (2 pouch leather from Safariland, adjustable speed pouch from Blade-Tech but it is discontinued)


- Grip strength trainer from Captain of Crush ( I use the Trainer and the #1)


- Dryfire training aids ( Tap Rack Training Aid)

If you are interested in training with us, check out our training schedule at: 

Stay vigilant and stay safe. 
See you at the range,