Creedmoor Cold Start Drill

Whenever we train at Creedmoor Training Academy, we shoot our "Cold Start Drill".  It is the first thing we shoot.  No warm-up shots, totally cold from the holster.  This is as if we were confronted with a situation where we needed to draw our gun and defend ourselves.  How good would you be "cold" and under stress?

This drill is designed to work several areas:
1. Presentation.  Drawing from the holster with/without a concealment garment.
2. Proper sight alignment, sight picture, finger control.
3. Proper grip. We are shooting rapid fire requiring a firm grip.
4. Transitioning from one target to the next.
5. Magazine change.
6. Mental focus.  Targets are numbered and must be shot in sequence.
7. Precision.  After rapid fire and mag change, next shots require precision.
8. Stress.

It is a tough drill but will definitely show you what you need to work on.  Sometimes I shoot it well, other times the wheels fall off.  :)  

It is shot at 5 yards from the holster.
1st magazine has 10 rounds, second must have at least 3.

On the timer, draw & fire 5 rounds into #1, then 5 rounds into #2.
You will then be at slide-lock. Reload, and fire 1 round into #3, 1 round into #4, and 1 round into #5.  They must be shot in their numerical sequence.

Failure to follow procedure adds 2 seconds to your score.  A missed circle adds 1 second to your score.  No makeup shots, 13 rounds total.

Now for some good news!
For each round inside or that breaks the line on the white circle for #3,4,5, DEDUCT 1 second.
If you can place all 5 rounds into #1 or #2, DEDUCT 1 second each.

Par time is 14 seconds.  11 seconds or under is Master level.

On my latest run, my raw time was 9.62 seconds. My bonus was -3 seconds for a final of 6.62 seconds.  I forgot to mention had a broken left hand. You'll notice the black brace on my hand in the picture.  That will be hard for me to shoot again. I went for broke! :)

So let's have some fun. This drill is FREE to everyone.
I want to see you guys shoot it and post your pics and times. Let's see what we can do.

This will make you a better shooter, I guarantee!!

Don't forget to come train with us:

Link to PDF: CreedmoorColdStartDrill